A.G. Family Insurance Specializes in the Following Business Coverage Types:

Restaurant Insurance

For anyone thinking about opening a new restaurant, it's vital to think about Insurance Coverage. If you're serious about growing your restaurant into a success and about sticking around for the long-term, you can't afford to skimp on coverage.

From broken equipment to liability lawsuits, insurance can protect you and your business from myriad problems. Coverages we can offer for your restaurant include

  • General liability
  • Property
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Liquor liability
  • Automobile liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Life insurance for business partners
Finding the right Restaurant and Bar Insurance can be complicated and time consuming, but if disaster strikes your business, you'll be glad you made the effort.

Hair Salon Insurance, Spa Insurance, Doggie Boutique/Groomers Insurance

Beyond making customers and dogs feel beautiful, salon owners have a broad range of responsibilities including:

  • Managing professional staff
  • Monitoring finances
  • Purchasing
  • Stocking
  • Displaying hair, beauty, and grooming products
All of these responsibilities can expose your business to unique risks. These are in addition to the usual issues most businesses deal with (e.g., workplace property damage, loss of important client files or other business records, etc.).

Retail Store Insurance

Whether they come to you for pet food or auto parts, your customers depend on your store for products and expertise. Make sure you have the protection you need in the event something goes wrong (e.g., someone is injured in your store, you sustain a loss to your property from a covered peril, etc.).

Janitorial Insurance, Home Watch Services Insurance

Public liability insurance is important to carry for cleaners and all types of cleaning and home watch companies, in case someone is injured, or property is damaged because of your business. We also recommend carrying a Janitorial bond to cover you in case you're accused of stealing. For a small price-usually less than 200 dollars-you and your employees can be bonded against theft.

Landscape / Tree Trimmers Insurance

If you own a lawn-care business or plan to start one, you will need at least basic business insurance coverage to guard against mistakes, accidental property damage, and lawsuits. If you have employees on your payroll other than yourself, you'll also need Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Handyman Services Insurance

Most handyman operations are small businesses. If you run a handyman service as an independent contractor or if you have several employees, you'll most likely need a General Liability Insurance policy.

Pressure Cleaning Insurance

Pressure washer liability insurance provides protection when legal liability actions are taken against your business. If your company is believed to have caused a person's physical injury, or if it's blamed for causing damage to personal property, this insurance helps pay for resulting expenses. Coverage includes protective measures that help you pay for a legal defense and medical or repair bills you may be responsible for if you lose the court case.

Artisan Subcontractor Insurance: Plumber, Electrician, Framer, Carpentry, Stucco, Remodelers, and much more

When working as a contractor that deals in repairing, creating, or installing elements in homes or businesses, there are inherent risks involved. Should an injury or property damage occur, skilled-tradesman can be held liable for financial compensation. As a result, a single mistake or incident can ruin your business. Artisan Coverage through A.G. Family Insurance is available for many types of artisans including:

  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Janitors
  • Landscapers and more
We can help protect the livelihood of commercial artisan contractors against costly litigation for damages.

General Contractor Insurance

When you take on a construction project as a general contractor, you're responsible for several complex tasks. You must keep the client happy, the contract on schedule, and your employees productive. At the same time, you must monitor and report accidents or injuries, and coordinate work from other specialists. General contractors need the peace of mind that Commercial Business Insurance provides. With Small Business Insurance, you can be sure your company assets and investments are secure regardless of what surprises might come along.

Demolition Insurance

If you were the kid that liked knocking down your Lego models more than putting them together, you might have considered starting a demolition business. Launching a demolition company is an achievable goal-especially if you start small. You need the right equipment; you also need to follow relevant local, state, and federal regulations.

Your demolition company also needs to acquire workers compensation benefits to protect your company against loss in the event of worker injuries that require medical care, rehabilitation or long-term disability benefits, or compensation to the family of any worker who could die on a job site. Demolition companing also need to carry General Liability Insurance to protect against third-party lawsuits.

Distillery Insurance

Insurance is a critical aspect of the success of any start-up distillery. Distillery businesses require specialized insurance for the unique perils involved (e.g., tank leakage and collapse, etc.). These businesses also need General Liability Coverage to protect against the possibility of customers become ill from consuming distillery products.

Apartment Building Insurance

Apartment Buildings and Commercial Shopping Centers unique businesses involving many different advantages and risks. As the owner of an apartment building, you're responsible for the families living on your properties and for their belongings. This responsibility is in addition to your general business responsibilities. Don't get caught in a disaster involving your Apartment Complex without proper insurance coverage!

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