Commercial Auto Insurance

How Do You Use Your Commercial Vehicles?

Are any of your vehicles used for pickup or delivery of goods, including supplies, materials, newspaper, pizza, other food items, or for messenger service used for limousine, taxi service, or other livery service? Do you own vehicles leased by a partnership or corporation? Are they registered or titled to a business, corporation, partnership, or DBA (Doing Business As)? Do employees or non-listed drivers drive any of your vehicles on a regular or occasional basis that do not live in your household?

Commercial Vehicle Equipment & Weight

Do you have a pickup, van, or utility vehicle with a gross weight exceeding 10,000 pounds, or do any of your vehicles have a rated load capacity over 2,000 pounds? Do any of your vehicles have equipment installed such as ladder racks or permanent toolboxes that are used to support a business? If any of these questions are answered YES, then you should consider purchasing a commercial auto policy for your business.

Why Should I Carry Commercial Auto Insurance?

Personal auto insurance excludes your employees from driving your personal vehicle. This means if one of your employees drives your vehicle and wrecks it, you won't be covered. If you're carrying equipment in the back of a van, this is considered commercial use; many personal auto policies don't cover this type of use.

Many business contracts require higher liability limits, as well as special endorsements:

  • Hired Auto
  • Non-Owned Auto
These can be purchased on a Commercial Auto Policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance & Non-Owned Coverage

Suppose your assistant drives to the bank in her personal vehicle to make a deposit. In the process, she hits someone in the parking lot. This would be considered, "Vicarious Liability." Although you're not directly at fault, you sent her/him on company time. You are now involved in the claim.

If you carry Non-Owned Auto Coverage, liability would extend to your employee while driving her personal vehicle on your company's time. For this reason, we recommend that ALL clients who own businesses carry Commercial Auto Insurance.

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