Commercial General Liability Insurance

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance? Why Do I Need It?

If you own a business but don't carry some degree of commercial liability insurance, you're taking some big chances with your livelihood and future. These policies protect against losses caused by the company or its employees in addition to protection against third-party lawsuits. ALL businesses, big or small, should carry some degree of Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Why Do I Need Commercial General Liability Insurance?

If a fire burned down your store, how would you pay the rent? How would you pay your employees? How would you replace everything inside? If you lacked the money to rebuild, your business would be devastated. It could devastate you and your employees' livelihood. What if you're a landscaper and your trailer got stolen? What if that trailer contained all your tools, acquired over 10 years' time and valued at $40,000? How would replace those losses? What if an employee of yours caused damage to someone's home while working? Do you want to be financially responsible for the damages? And as we all know, accidents happen. If you or your employees were deemed liable for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to someone else or their property, it could cost your business thousands-it could cost you everything.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Protects Your Hard Work

If you want to reduce the chances of losing your business in the event of an accident, you need Commercial General Liability Insurance as part of your business policy. In fact, this coverage type is considered among the most important aspects of business insurance. Why? Because it's relied on so often by companies in every industry. After all, we live in a litigation-prone society and there's is always a chance you will be sued to pay for damages related to accidents for which your business is somehow responsible. If you own Commercial Property, whether it's a building, tools or any contents used for business, we recommend carrying Property Coverage as well.

What Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Cover?

In general, Commercial General Liability Insurance covers:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Personal injury

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