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We Offer Commercial Insurance for Numerous Vehicle Types

At A.G. Family Insurance, we offer numerous coverage options for a range of commercial vehicle types. Whatever vehicles keep your growing company on the move, we can find affordable coverages for them to help get your bottom line driving upward.

Pickup Truck Insurance

Whether your company uses small-to-medium-sized commercial pickups, large, one-ton varieties, or something even larger, you rely on those trucks to help you get the job done.

Pickup trucks are used in a number of commercial situations. Whether your company delivers small furniture and appliances, offers trash removal services, or uses a pickup truck to carry tools and supplies, you can't afford to have something bad happen to your truck.

With so much depending on your pickups, you need to protect them to the fullest extent with the proper types of commercial auto insurance.

Business Van Insurance

Numerous business types use business vans to keep their operations moving. For example, florists use business vans to deliver flowers, while hotels use them to transport customers to and from the airport. Event coordinators, caterers and other commercial entities use vans everyday as well.

Why? Because vans are versatile and useful for any number of chores. Regardless of why you use business vans in your company, you must make sure they have the fullest extent of commercial insurance coverage you can obtain. Hazards and unexpected events arise on a daily basis. Paying for repairs out of business funds could cause severe financial stress.

Bucket Truck Insurance

A bucket truck is sometimes called a cherry picker or a basket crane truck. It features a long arm designed for an employee to stand on. Sometimes the platform includes a basket or boom lift for safety. These trucks are used in a variety of commercial applications. Companies that own and use bucket trucks include electrical contractors and telecommunications businesses.

If your company uses a bucket truck, you know how large of a capital investment it is. The last thing you need is damages or destruction from auto accidents and other common perils. Paying for damages from your company funds might be difficult or even impossible. A.G. Family Insurance can help you mitigate those risks with the right types of commercial auto insurance.

Limousine Insurance

Owning your own limousine is an excellent way to increase the value of-and profits from-your business. Whether you use your limo as a specialty, high-end car-for-hire to business professionals or you rent it to high school revelries and prom nights, your limo is a valuable asset for your company.

Limousines are expensive vehicles that require a large capital investment. If your limo were damaged in an auto accident, could your company afford to pay for repairs out-of-pocket? If the vehicle were destroyed completely, or stolen, could your company pay to replace it? These are just a few of the many reasons you need commercial auto insurance on your limousine.

If your company owns a limo, you're required by Florida law to carry liability insurance. Liability protects other people from suffering losses if your limousine causes an auto accident. It also protects your company from costly lawsuits and litigation if your limo is at fault in an accident. Liability Coverage consists of two parts:

  1. Payments for physical injuries to people
  2. Payments for damages caused to other people's property

Taxi or Uber Auto Insurance

Whether you own or lease a taxi cab, the vehicle itself is a critical part of your business operations. Without it, you'd be unable to conduct daily business or to earn any income. Keeping your taxi protected through commercial auto insurance helps ensure the successful operation of your business and allows business income to continue flowing. Keeping your taxi fully operational should be priority number one. Without it, you can't pick up customers that flag you down or even schedule pickups.

Regardless of how your taxi-service is structured, as the owner, you know you need the best possible auto insurance protection. The auto coverage you choose must protect you from the largest possible financial losses you could incur, thereby allowing your company to continuously prosper even when unexpected events arise.

As a taxi service running one or more commercial cabs, Florida law requires you to carry liability insurance. Commercial auto liability insurance protects you from financial losses if you're at fault in an auto accident. This coverage applies to taxi cabs that you own, lease or rent. If your taxi is involved in an accident and you're judged at fault, you'll be legally liable to pay for injury and damages for other vehicles and persons involved. Commercial auto liability will also help pay court or legal fees if the other party files suit against you.

Box Truck Insurance

Many businesses and independent truckers use box trucks to carry out business operations. Businesses that use box trucks include moving companies, retail shipping companies, couriers and others. Regardless of why your company uses box trucks, you need to be sure they're fully protected with commercial auto insurance.

Whether you're a private truck carrier or an independent trucker for hire, Florida law requires you to carry at least liability auto insurance. The Bodily Injury Portion of Liability Coverage pays for any physical harm caused to one or more people as a result of an auto accident. If your box truck causes an auto accident, causing injuries to other people, the Bodily Injury portion of your Liability Coverage will pay the medical bills and related expenses

Agricultural Truck Insurance

Agricultural trucks are used by farmers, supply haulers, farm and ranch stores, and large shipping companies to transport goods over long distances. An agricultural truck may be large enough to haul farming equipment such as tractors and combines, or it may be smaller in size and used primarily for hauling hay, bags of grain or water barrels.

No matter how you use them, your company's agricultural trucks represent a big investment. The last thing you need is the financial burden of paying for repairs or paying to replace the truck entirely if it's destroyed. At A.G. Family, we'll help you protect your agricultural trucks with the right types of commercial auto insurance so you can rest easier knowing your investments are as secure as possible.

Tow Truck Insurance

Whether you own a tow truck as a self-employed professional, run a fleet employing multiple drivers or provide tow truck services as part of another business (e.g., auto repair, etc.), these vehicles are key to your operations. You can't earn money from customers if your trucks are incapacitated due to accidents and unexpected damages.

Regardless of weather hazards and road conditions, your tow truck is expected to go out at a moment's notice to assist stranded drivers. Such constant usage puts your trucks at a greater risk for auto accidents and other perils. Many of these potential problems are quite expensive to repair and could force you out of business due to their associated financial hardships. You can protect your trucks, though, along with your company's viability by carrying the right types of commercial auto insurance coverage.

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