Flood Insurance

What is Flood Insurance?

Flooding is best described as rising water from the outside in. The water can come from:

  • An ocean
  • A river
  • An inter-coastal waterway
  • A lake or pond

Flooding can be not only devastating, but can be unexpectedly wide-ranging, too.

During Hurricane Katrina, in Biloxi, Mississippi, flooding extended five miles inland—five miles! That’s nowhere near a flood zone. Sadly, many residents didn’t carry flood insurance and lost their homes.

Many residents along Florida’s Gulf Coast don't realize that, if Southwest Florida sustained a direct hit by a Category 4 or 5 hurricane, the tidal surge would extend five or more miles inland—five or more! As such, almost ALL of us—even east of I-75—could be at risk.

It is not a question of IF, but of WHEN.

Many people believe they don’t need flood insurance. They’re comfortable taking the risk. However, At A.G. Family Insurance, we have clients located over 15 miles from tidal waters whose home is nonetheless in an area classified as a "special flood hazard zone."

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) sets the rules and rates governing flood insurance. The NFIP allows private insurance companies to write flood insurance policies on its behalf. Consequently, the NFIP is run by the Federal government as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The closer a dwelling is located to a body of water, the higher its chances of being located in a special flood hazard zone.

What is a flood zone?

In Southwest Florida, specially designated flood zones are classified as:

  • A
  • AH
  • AE
  • B
  • VE
  • X

These designations indicate that land elevation near a home has been determined to put the area at risk of flooding. Areas NOT designated as flood zones are classified as low-risk, X or B zones.

If you have a mortgage and are located in a flood zone, your lender will require coverage through the life of the loan. Flood maps are changing. FEMA is implementing new rules through the Biggert Waters Act, too.

One thing that’s not changing? A.G. Family’s commitment to you and your family. We’re here to answer all your questions regarding flood insurance. We’ll review a detailed map of your home’s flood zone with you, explaining all your options.

Gina and her staff have over 30 years’ combined experience. We work hard to ensure you have the most affordable flood rates possible, without sacrificing coverage. We will tailor a flood policy to suit your coverage needs, while adhering to your lender requirements.

You need to understand: Your homeowner’s policy DOES NOT cover flooding.

Flood insurance must be purchased separately through FEMA, or through a non-FEMA, Private Flood Market. Few agents provide non-FEMA coverage, but at A.G. Family, we offer such coverage. In certain instances, we’ve managed to save clients half of their FEMA premium. Half!

Private Flood Markets work differently than FEMA. They use different rating factors that can be especially advantageous to owners of:

  • Elevated homes
  • Older homes
  • Seasonal/secondary homes

At A.G. Family, we always check both options. Whether your best coverages can be found through FEMA or through a Private Flood Market, we’ll make sure you get the most comprehensive protection possible at the lowest rates.

A.G. Family Insurance is here to inform you regarding what’s available and what’s most advantageous for your situation.

Consequently, if your home’s NOT in a flood zone, you can purchase a flood policy for approximately $500 or less a year. For a small premium, you can have peace in knowing that, even if a 100-year storm hits, you’re covered!

Do I need an elevation certificate?

Is your home located in a special designated flood zone? Is so, YES, we recommend obtaining an elevation certificate. The Biggert Waters Act has led to the implementation of new rules and regulations. For most of our clients, it’s in their best interest to receive an elevation certificate rating.

Lee Country residents can obtain information on an elevation certificate by clicking here.

Cape Coral residents can obtain information on an elevation certificate by clicking here.

Collier Country residents can obtain information on an elevation certificate by clicking here.

A.G. Family will assist you in obtaining an elevation certificate. We work with surveyors, as well as with county authorities, to acquire the information needed to help you obtain certification as quickly and as easily as possible.

You can rely on Gina "Muzzi" Racioppi and her staff to safeguard your home against flooding. It’s never too late to be protected!

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