Holiday Angels

We are pleased to announce Our 7th Holiday Angels Charity Drive! This year we have several different families including a foster family with 12 children, 27 children from St. Matthew’s House, and 1 family from Oak River Church. Many of these families have been displaced by IRMA, and need our help. We appreciate your help so much over the years and are looking forward to bringing a lot of smiles to 53 children this year! Here are the families who need our help. Please return gifts to our office by December 19, 2017.

Thank you so much in advance!

Gina Racioppi
A.G. Family Insurance

The Scott Family—they have 12 foster children. We have helped them through out the years over the holidays. This holiday the children’s only wish is to go to Disney World on Christmas Day. We have a sponsor that has generously donated $1000 toward their trip. To take 12 foster kiddos plus the parents, and hotel stay. We configured it will cost about $2500. We need $1500.00 additional to make their Disney Dreams come true. This foster family has a Non For Profit Foundation set up- KKids Inc. I will personally coordinate with Karen Scott, the foster mom to get the best group rate for the kiddos. If you would like to sponsor a child for Disney, a check can be made payable to KKids Inc, and mailed to A.G. Family Insurance: AG Family Insurance, 9420 Fountain Medical Ct. #101, Bonita Springs, Fl 34135

  • Sponser Child- age 18 -$125
  • Sponser Child - age 16 -$125
  • Sponser Child- age 14-$125
  • Sponser Child- age 15- $125
  • Sponser Child- Age 13-$125
  • Sponser Child- Age 12 $125
  • Sponser Child-Age 11- $125
  • Sponser Child-Age 10-$125
  • Sponser Child- Age 9 - $125
  • Sponser Child – Age 8- $125
  • Sponser Child-Age 6 - $125
  • Sponser Child-Age 2-$125

Oak River Church- Family- 1

Jessica H.- Single Mom- 3 Boys - Jessica is a single mom. Has no support from father. Does have job, works full time, but is seriously struggling since the hurricane, she lost all her furniture, and her home was damaged badly that she rents. The owner of the home is selling and she will soon be forced out with no place to live. She needs the basics, like food, blankets, Publix gift cards, Walmart Gift cards would help her tremendously.

Michael-Boy-Age 8 – size- 7/8- Medium razor scooter, LEGOS, Soccer ball. Nerf gun. Needs clothes.

Evan- Boy-Age 10-size 10/12- large top, medium bottom, razor or Electric Scooter, loves basketball , LEGOS, head phones. Games for Nintendo game cube. Nerf gun, needs clothes

Nathan- Boy- Age 11-size 10/12- large top, medium bottom. to razor or Electric Scooter, LEGOS, head phones. Nerf gun. Needs clothes.

We also have 27 children from the St Matthews House from Naples and Immokalee. These children’s families have been displaced by IRMA and they have become permanent residents of the St. Matthews House. These kids need the basic, like pillows, plush blankets, socks, clothes and shoes.


Family 1- Rosenie Family- Single Mom-3 children

Skyler- Age- 1- Girl-size 18 months
Cloth doll, hair set with ponies, brush comb, Target Gift Card. Shoe size 4c Toddler

Tyler- Age 1- Boy-size 18 months

Leap frog pad, toddler power wheels, baby bath set, shoe size-5c Toddler

19-year old -Girl- size Medium Top and Bottom-
Sneakers size 8, Flat Iron for hair, photo album, Bath and Body Works, Target Gift Card, clothes, size 13 Juniors

Family 2- Jameica Family-Single Mom- 5 Children

Mother—Perfume, purse, Target Gift Card, Needs a Toddler Car Seat, Blanket, Planner/Calendar/ Body Wash, also needs Bottles for her 18 month old Amber.

Amber—Girl/12 month old/ Shoes size 2—Leapfrog, Socks, Pillow, Blanket, Baby Doll, Stuffed Animal

Angel- Girl- 2 years old. Shoe Size 7C- Shopping Cart/Food (pretend for shopping cart), Blanket, socks.

Aalyah- A Girl- 2 years old. Shoe size 8C/ Baby and baby stroller, Baby Wash, Blocks, Backpack/Blanket/Socks

Tylese-Boy-4 years Old-shoe size 12c- Clothes size- 7-8 pants, Shirtz size Medium

Remote Control Car/Socks/Blanket/ Transformer Toys

Titus- Boy-10 years old-Shoe size 8. Medium Shirt, size L pants or 10-12

Basket Ball, WWF Action figures, Wallet, Bed Slippers, Umbrella, Socks, Blanket, scooter

Tony- Boy Age 6, Shoe size 12-

Shirt size Small, pant size 7-8, Hot wheels Cars, earbuds, blanket, bed slippers, razor scooter, Rain poncho, LEGOS

ST. MATTHEWS HOUSE- NAPLES- We have 17 children Family 1- Single mother MISSY- for daughter

Missy-Girl-Age 11- Medium/Shirt and Bottom, Size 10-12/Medium, Legos, bead/jewelry set/ how to draw books/ Play Station 4 games

Family 2- Single Mom 3 Children- Ashley for her 3 Children

Girl- Age- 11- Medium Shirt/ and Bottom Size 10-12/ Legos, board games, books

Girl -Age 9- Size Small Top/ Size 10 Bottom- Hair Accessories/books/board games

Boy- Age3- Anything Mickey Mouse, Dump Trucks, play kitchen set-Size 3t/4t

Family 3- Earl M- (Single Father for son)-2 Children

Boy-13-Football, Remote Control Car, Headphones, Blanket, Pillow, Socks- Size L top and L Bottom

Girl-11- Art, Crafts, Make up, Plush Blanket, Socks, Pillow, Size 10-12- Top and Bottom

Family 4- Matthew G-(single father for son)-2 Children

Boy -13- Board Games, Soccer Ball, Headphones- Size Large Top and Medium Bottom

Girl- 9 Years- Arts and Crafts, Plush Blanket, Socks, Jacket- Size-10

Family 5 Peter S (single father for daughter)

Girl 12- Hair Accessories, arts and crafts books, Blanket—Size Medium Top and Bottom

Family 6-Nathalie-(single mother) for Son

Boy- 2- Toy trucks, and loves anything Spiderman, size 2T-3T-socks, pants.

Family 7

Alex P- Boy-2- Stuffed Animals and Toy Trucks, socks, blanket, Size 2-3T

Richard G- Boy- 4- Toy Trucks, Action Figures, Soccer Ball, Socks, size 4T

Michael N- Boy-5- Legos, Blanket, Basketball. T Ball Set, Puzzles, size 5/6T

Family 8

Jes Z- 16 Girl- Drawing tablet/sketchbook, Blanket, Headphones, Jacket- Size Medium Top and Bottom

Ryleigh-7- Girl- Harry Potter Books/Magic Treehouse books, anything with Emojoi’s. Socks, Plush Blanket, Jacket size 8

Tytis R. Boy- 12-Any type of Lego Set, Socks, Blanket, Soccer Ball. Loves Star Wars-Size Large Top and Bottom