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If your home was destroyed by FIRE or HURRICANE, how would you pay to rebuild? Where would you live?

What if a guest in your home fell and broke a leg during a party? How would you pay the accident-related medical expenses and loss of income?

What if your home was burgled and vandalized? What if the thieves stole your jewelry and personal belongings? How would you pay to replace your precious valuables?

Life Happens—often unexpectedly. Make sure you're shielded from the unexpected with Homeowner's Insurance through A.G. Family Insurance.

We make life easier when it happens unexpectedly.

With A.G. Family Insurance, you'll worry less, while saving more. We'll make sure you, your friends and families are protected.

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Q: What’s the most common type of homeowner’s insurance claim?

A : Water Damage.

Did you know that some types of Homeowners policies exclude water damage? Always check your policy for water damage limitations or exclusions.

The agents at A.G. Family Insurance will review your policy with you, explaining your coverage line by line.

Q: Q: How can I prevent a water damage claim before it happens?

A :Water-damage claims most often arise from mishaps involving:

  • Washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators – When did you last change the hoses on these appliances? Those hoses deteriorate over time, from inside out. To prevent damage, replace them often.
  • Hot water heaters – Hot water heaters can rust on the bottom, causing leaks. They should be changed every 5-7 years.

Other preventative measures you can take to prevent water damage include:

  • Turning off ALL water lines if you leave town longer than 3-4 days.
  • Watching your water bill closely. Significant, unexpected increases and fluctuations could indicate a leak.
  • Never pouring grease down the sink. Pour it in the garbage instead.
  • Instead of unclogging your sink with chemicals, use a drain snake.

What are the coverages offered on a Homeowners Policy?

A :

Dwelling - The amount your structure would be covered for in the event of a covered loss. Dwelling coverage included the structure and those items bolted down to it, and/or attached. Depending on the type of policy, it could be insured for Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.

Other Structures - Any Structure Not Attached to your Dwelling, such as Fence, Detached Garage, Barn, Guest House.

Personal Property - Household items NOT attached to your Dwelling, such as appliances, clothing, furnishings. Items such as Jewelry, Fine Arts, Silver, Antiques, Guns, and Furs are limited and should be scheduled. Many companies offer scheduling of these items or we can offer a separate policy to cover them.

Loss of Use - In the event you were to suffer a covered loss by your policy, Loss of Use would be the cost of living while you are unable to use your home. The cost of living usually falls under hotel and food, or loss of rental income if you are unable to rent your home.

Liability- If you are considered negligent in the event someone was permanently or temporarily injured while on your premise.

Medical Payments - If someone were to be injured while on your premise, this coverage would extend for medical bills for the injured party.

The Homeowner’s Claims Process

When something happens requiring an insurance claim, homeowners can feel lost in the claims process:

  • Who do I call?
  • What do I do?
  • Where do I go?

When our clients call about a homeowners insurance claim, these are the most common questions. A.G. Family Insurance will walk you through every step of the process.

With over 20 years experience, Gina Racioppi and her clients have persevered through many home insurance claims. For instance, during the storms and hurricanes of 2005-2006, Gina went down into the trenches, monitoring the claims process first-hand on roofs, pool cages and other damages.

She was frequently on scene, assisting her clients directly, passing out tarps and flash lights. She visited many client homes to view the damage and hear the stories. She was there to hold her clients hands every step of the way.

Any agent can sell you a policy. You need an agent that understands your homeowners policy word-for-word and line-by-line; an agent who will fight for you every step of the way. Gina and her staff will be there to answer ALL your questions and guide you to a smooth claims experience.

A.G. Family Insurance: One agent, one agency rooted in family.

A.G. Family Insurance: Your Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers and Cape Coral Home Insurance Experts.

Whether your home is valued at $200,000 or 5,000,000, we can assist with all your home insurance needs.

The most important time to have proper coverage is when you file a claim. At A.G. Family, we work with our clients to be proactive regarding their homeownerǯs insurance needs. We will thoroughly review all your coverage options, answering all your questions, and helping you make informed decisions. We want you to understand your policy and coverages inside and out before you buy—BEFORE a claim arises.

We treat you like a family member—brother, sister, father, mother—and we strive to instill good ol' fashioned small-town hospitality into every policy we write; into every claim we file; into every conversation we have.

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A.G. Family Insurance: One agent, one agency rooted in family.

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Primary/Secondary/Seasonal Homeowners - These policies cover single family homes, townhomes and attached villas. Coverages include the structure itself, loss of use, liability and medical payments.

Condo Unit - Unit owners typically insure the additions and alterations made to a condo unitǯs interior, along with coverage for contents, loss of use and medical payments. We can provide coverage for an individual owner or for an INC, LLC, LP or a TRUST. We can also insure part-time rental exposure.

Vacant for Sale Dwellings - These policies cover vacant single family homes, townhomes and attached villas. 'Vacant' means no furniture inside. We can also insure an individual owner or an INC, LLC, LP or TRUST.

Landlord - These policies cover single family structures, townhomes and attached villas. Coverages include the structure itself, contents, loss of rents, liability and guest medical. These policies are used when a homeowner rents to another party.

Renters - Renters insurance is used for single family dwellings, condo units, attached villas and apartment building units NOT owned by the renter. Coverages include contents, liability and guest medical.

Builders Risk - These policies are used for new home, condo, or attached-villa construction, or for home renovations. Coverages include the structure of the new construction or of the renovation.

High Value - These "luxury" policies cover high-value homes, condos and attached villas valued at $1,000,000 or more. They contain several optional coverages. Many times, A.G. Family can package auto, home, personal article, umbrella liability and excess flood into one policy. Out-of-state homes can also be bundled into these high value, luxury policies.

Wind Only- If you're located in a wind zone, you may be eligible for a Citizens Wind Only policy. Citizens requires homeowner's insurance be carried under a separate policy. A.G. Family offers Citizens coverage to our clients as a last resort; however, Citizens is the only company available for wind only policies.

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A.G. Family Insurance: One agent, one agency rooted in family.