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The Scott Family

This family we have helped for the past 4 years. Last year we were able to send them to Disney, and were on the news and gifted it to them! They were so grateful and appreciative. This year we would like to send them to Busch Gardens/Sea World with Annual Passes. This way they can use these all year long. There are 15 total and we will be providing lodging for one week in Kissimmee so that they can go to both parks. We will need $6000 to make this happen. We need $400/child. If you would like to sponsor a child. Please make check payable to KKIDS, Inc., which is tax-deductible through the 501(c)3.

Send to:
Doctor Thorburg’s office, 5500 Bryson Dr, Naples, FL 34109.

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These families below are Single Parent Struggling Households in need.





Husband passed away a few years ago, and left single mom with 2 small children. David, her son, has special needs, and she is not able to work full time due to caring for her son.


—Need’s Food, Publix Gift card, needs shoes, sneakers and sandals, size 7.5


Needs Clothes, Size 8 Shirts, and Bottoms, 7-8. Shoe size 2. Needs body wash. His Christmas wishes are, Leggos, Science Kit, BIKE for age 5, Games, Toys, Puzzles.

boy - 5 Yrs Old


Needs Clothes Size 7-8, Bottoms, 7-8, shoe size 2. Loves LOL Surprise Dolls, and Unicorns. Wants Electric Scooter. Games, Bracelet Making Kit.

girl - 9 Yrs Old

The Shawn Family

Mom is a drug addict, In rehab, struggling with addition, Dad is working full time, but is seriously financially struggling with 3 children.


Size 12 Shoe - Needs Sneakers, size 8-9 Clothes, Loves Anything Dogs, Dog books, Beanie Boos, Sticker Book, etc)

boy - 7 Yrs Old


Size 6t - 7t Clothes, wears size 12 shoe, Games and Legos

boy - 5 Yrs Old


4- Size 11 Shoe, Needs Clothes. Trucks and Cars

boy - 4 Yrs old


St Matthews House – Immokalee Families