A.G. Family Offers a Full Line of Business Insurance Coverages

What are Your Business Coverage Needs?

Business Insurance comes in a range of types, with various coverage options and levels offered for each. At A.G. Family Insurance, we offer a complete line of Business Insurance products, extending well beyond commercial vehicle and business liability coverages. Below are some of those additional coverages.

Commercial Property Insurance

Protect Your Business Property With Commercial Property Insurance. Commercial Property Insurance protects your business in the event of a covered loss. Many business owners purchase Commercial Building Coverage as part of a Business Owners Policy (BOP).

Commercial Marine Insurance

Those who build, operate, service and repair marine vessels face many exposures that can cause financial strain. Whether you use your ship for recreational or commercial purposes, all water-going vessels are vulnerable to exposures that can damage both the vessel and any cargo, with harm to crew or passengers also a real possibility. Having the right insurance policy in place will help protect your clients.

Inland Marine Insurance

Contractors, photographers and landscapers couldn't do their job if they weren't able to bring the tools of their trade with them. However, standard property insurance doesn't cover equipment when it's off site or in transit. Without proper insurance in place, commercial operations can be exposed to costly repairs or replacement when equipment gets damaged or destroyed. Equipment Floaters Coverage can help limit the impact to your clients' bottom line when accidents happen.


To become bonded, you must first determine whether you need a surety or fidelity bond. The important difference is that surety bonds are required by a third party (usually the government) to protect itself or the public. Fidelity bonds, on the other hand, are insurance for you or your business. At A.G. Family, we write all types of Bonds, for all kinds of clients. If you're needing a Bond written on behalf of yourself, your business or a third party, give us a call!

Payroll Services

More and more companies are relying on payroll preparation services to shoulder the administrative burden of paying employees. But outsourcing payroll isn't just a relief-it's also a smart business decision. Businesses of all sizes are recognizing the value of outsourcing the payroll to an external preparation service. We also offer payroll companies for those hard-to-place workers-compensation class codes. Our Payroll Services make the process of paying your staff and of handling workers compensation needs simpler and quicker.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance

E&O coverage protects your business in the event an error or omission on your part causes a financial loss for a client. The best-known professionals who need E&O insurance are doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, tech companies, etc.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

Company directors and officers have a moral and legal obligation to do what they feel is in the best interest of the company. Unfortunately, lawsuits and damage claims have risen tremendously in recent years. Some of these suits are aimed directly at corporate officers and/or directors, while others take aim at the company itself.

Directors and Officers Insurance, also known as D&O, provides financial protection against management-specific claims. It is similar to E&O insurance, but covers executive and corporate performance instead of professional-service performance. D&O insurance protects corporate executives if mismanagement claims are made against them from stockholders, employees and outside parties.

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