Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Comp: Peace of Mind for Employer & Employee Alike

It is important to be prepared when an employee is injured on the job. A workers compensation insurance policy ensures that an injured worker's medical and financial needs are taken care of. Workers compensation insurance provides a way to transfer risk from on-the-job injury to an insurance provider, thereby protecting the business from work-related claims and legal exposure. Business owners can breathe a little easier knowing employees will be taken care of in the event of without posing a threat to the business' bottom line or solvency. No matter where the fault lies for an on-the-job injury, workers compensation coverage is constant. As long as the injury occurs during the normal scope of job duties, workers compensation insurance benefits are applicable.

What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

Workers Compensation Insurance covers a number of expenses related to a worker's recovery from a work-related accident:

  • Lost-time payments
  • Medical care reimbursement
  • Rehabilitative services payments

When Should I carry Workers Compensation Insurance?

Even if you're not legally required to carry Workers Compensation, we recommend you carry it. If an employee gets injured on the job, the business owner is ultimately responsible for Medical Payments and Loss Wages due to the accident.

Workers Compensation rates are regulated by the state of Florida. We offer several private insurance companies, as well as coverage through FWCJUA, which is the Florida-run program for those who don't qualify for private insurance. We also work with Leasing companies that can accommodate Payroll Services and Workers Compensation for higher-rated class codes.

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